Hall of Famers: 2020

The formal induction of the honourees announced in January 2020 was delayed when no formal induction ceremony could be scheduled due to Covid-19. A special opportunity allowed Ernie Oliver to be formally inducted in September, 2021 at the Manitoba Stick Curling Association’s Annual General Meeting. The rest of the 2020 group was formally welcomed into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame at an Induction Dinner on Saturday, May 14, 2022.

Resby Coutts • Chris Neufeld • Ernie Oliver • Karen Purdy
Vic Peters • Kirkness 1984 Team • Stoughton 2011 Team
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Coutts, Resby

Inducted 2022

Resby Coutts
Curling Canada/ Michael Burns photo

Resby Coutts learned to curl in a one-sheet rink at Elva, MB in the mid-1950’s. In the fall of 1969, his first volunteer task was as Intra-Mural Curling Coordinator at the University of Manitoba.

Resby served on the executive of the Morris Curling Club on two different occasions for a total of ten years and on the executive of the Wheat City Men’s Curling Club, including a year as President. In the mid-90’s he was one of six rural representatives elected to serve on the MCA Council for a three year term and was a member of the MCA-MLCA amalgamation committee in 1999-2000.

He later served a total of five years on the CurlManitoba Board of Directors beginning in 2010. He was the first MCA/CurlManitoba President to serve consecutive terms since the original 1888 and 1889 presidency of JB Mather. He played a key role in empowering the CurlManitoba Board to move from its operational orientation to a governance orientation and was very involved in writing the supporting Board policy manual.

After representing Manitoba at National meetings of Curling Canada he was elected to the national Board of Governors. Direct involvement in a re-write of the Curling Canada by-laws and the first steps in a continuing effort to re-write Curling Canada’s policy governance model earned him a year as Chair of the Curling Canada Board in 2017-18. For three years, he represented Canada at the World Curling Federation’s annual and semi-annual meetings.

In 1982, his curling broadcast career began as part of a broadcast team which did play-by-play coverage of the Manitoba team games in the ’82 Brandon Brier. Since then, Resby has had a media career which has involved publication of a curling newspaper (The Curler, 1988 to 2002), a Manitoba curling website (the curler.com, 2002-2015), 15 years of a one hour radio weekly (in winter) show on CFRW 1290 Winnipeg and later on CKLQ 880 Brandon (2001-2015), among many other media efforts.

Beginning with the 1989 TSN Skins Game in Brandon Resby has served as Banquet and Open/Closing Ceremonies MC for over 100 Manitoba, Canadian and World curling events and has been the arena PA announcer for an estimated 1000 or more banquets and individual draws at events across Manitoba and including a world senior championship in Dunedin, New Zealand. At that event, he also earned the distinction of being the play-by-play commentator on the first curling game ever broadcast on public television in the Southern Hemisphere.

Resby has also worked in the sport of curling: as Executive Director of the 1995 Brandon Worlds; as a media/marketing consultant to the 2002 Bismarck Worlds; as CurlManitoba’s Media and Event Manager (1997-2006); and as Coordinator of the Manitoba Curling Tour (2010-2016).

Major event volunteer involvement has included: Chair of Safeway Championship in Winnipeg (2013) and co-chair of Canadian Mixed in Morris (2010) plus media and/or marketing roles with  1989 Canadian Mixed, ’93 Scotties, ’97 Trials in Brandon and lesser roles with 1998 Brier and 2003 Worlds in Winnipeg.

Resby was previously inducted into the Westman Millennium Curling Wall of Fame (2000) and Canadian Curling Hall of Fame (2019). He was made a member of the Governor General’s Curling Club in 2013.

Since his induction was announced, Resby has been the convenor of a 2-person stick curling league at Fort Rouge. In 2021, he was elected to the Board of the Manitoba Stick Curling Association and in 2022 to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Stick Curling Association. In April, 2022 with Norm Magnusson, he won the Canadian 2-Person Stick Open Championship.

Chris Neufeld was the reliable second for Vic Peters’ championship teams until their habit of winning together ended with the 2008 Manitoba Senior Men’s championship.

Prior to joining forces with Peters for a 1987 run to the MCA Bonspiel Grand Aggregate and the finalist position at the Labatt Tankard, Neufeld had skipped a team to a third event victory in the MCAs junior men’s bonspiel and had played third for Henry Klassen’s Winkler team in the 1983 Labatt Tankard men’s championship. It was at second for Peters, however, where Chris Neufeld built a reputation as one of the greats in Manitoba curling.

From 1987 onward, Chris Neufeld’s record of achievement parallels that of Vic Peters.

In addition to the 1987 MCA Grand Aggregate, they also won the Aggregate in 1993. In 1992 and 1993, with Dan Carey and Don Rudd, they became the first team in over 20 years to win back-to-back Manitoba men’s titles. The 1992 team went on to post a 9W – 2L round robing record at the Brier and then beat Russ Howard’s Ontario team 4-3 in the extra end final game.

At the Worlds in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, they had a 7W – 2L round robin record. A semi-final loss to Scotland’s Hammy McMillan left them ranked third at their only Worlds.

The team’s record also shows a Labatt Tankard finalist finish in 1988 and a Brier finalist finish in 1997.

Across his 15 appearances at the provincial men’s championship, Chris Neufeld amassed a record of 79 wins and 29 losses. He was named the All-Star second at the 2001 Safeway Select and was inducted into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame with the 1992-93 Peters foursome.

At the conclusion of his playing career, Neufeld continued to compete as a coach. Most notably, he coached his sons BJ and Denni as members of the Mike McEwen team at six Manitoba Safeway and Viterra Men’s Championships (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2018), two Tim Hortons Briers (2017, 2018), and a pair of Olympic Trials (2013, 2017).

Neufeld, Chris

Inducted 2022

Chris Neufeld

Oliver, Ernie
Inducted 2021

Ernie Oliver

Ernie Oliver is recognized, across Manitoba and Canada, as a driving force behind the establishment and growth of 2-person stick curling as a recreational and competitive sport.

In Manitoba, Ernie must be credited with sowing the seeds of what was essentially a new sport by self-funding his early travels around the province to conduct promotional and instructional clinics. Furthermore, his energy/passion for the new approach to curling fueled his efforts to seek funding – which he achieved through grants from various seniors related organizations and government departments. He worked extensively in Manitoba – and with a few others, also gets credit for establishing the Canadian sport as well.

While others have become involved at the organizational level as the sport has grown, Ernie was the main promoter in the first 6-8 years. Without his efforts, those who have come more recently would not have had a foundation to build upon. Since its beginnings, 2-person stick curling has grown from a handful of clubs/leagues in 2005 to where there are now organized leagues in over two dozen clubs. Leagues number curlers from 16-20 (8-10 teams) to numbers in the 100 range (50 teams) – all paying league fees, bonspiel entry fees and supporting the clubs through bar and restaurant revenue.

As important as the club support must be considered, just as (or more) significant must be considered the physical and mental health benefits for hundreds of curlers who have returned to the ice or extended their curling career thanks to 2-person stick curling.

While the leagues and the regular opportunity to play scheduled 2-person stick curling represents the greatest amount of participation in the sport, Ernie recognized there was also a need for a competitive outlet for the players who were so inclined.

He was instrumental in establishing a Manitoba championship in 2005 and the first Canadian championship, which was played at Fort Rouge, in 2008. As a competitor, Ernie has won five Manitoba 2-person stick titles.

In tribute to Ernie’s role in establishing 2-person stick curling as a new and unique version of the sport, the Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club’s season opening stick bonspiel has been named the Ernie Oliver Stick ‘Spiel.

Vic Peters (1955-2016) was one of the most dominant and respected names in Manitoba curling For over three decades, from his first provincial men’s appearance in 1982 to his last in 2012. Across that period, he was a Manitoba men’s finalist three times before winning three Manitoba championships, a Brier title, a world bronze medal, and a Manitoba senior men’s championship

Peters came relatively late to competitive curling, starting his competitive career after his 25th birthday. He went on to play in 21 Labatt Tankard and Safeway provincial men’s championships, only twice posting a losing record. As of 2020, with 133 games played, he is 5th on the all-time Manitoba list. His record of 92 wins ranks fourth all-time in Manitoba men’s.

In 1984, Peters (with Doug Lintott, Al Penner & Art Elias) lost the Labatt Tankard final to eventual Brier champion Mike Riley. In 1987 (with Mark Olson, Chris Neufeld, and Mike Friesen) he won the MCA Bonspiel Grand Aggregate but lost the provincial final to Brian Fowler. In 1988, he again lost the final to Kerry Burtnyk.

A new line-up (Dan Carey, Chris Neufeld, Don Rudd) won the 1992 Labatt Tankard and the Labatt Brier with a combined record of 17W – 3L. Peters was named the Brier’s All-Star skip. The team had a 7W – 3L bronze medal finish at the Worlds. After winning Peters’ second MCA Bonspiel Grand Aggregate in 1993, they defended their Manitoba men’s title but finished fourth at the Brier.

With Scott Grant replacing Rudd at lead, Peters won the 1997 Manitoba title and went undefeated through the Brier round-robin before losing the Page 1-2 game on an extra end to Kevin Martin. They won the semi-final to earn a rematch but again lost to Martin in the final. Vic Peters was named All-Star skip and recipient of the Ross Harstone sportsmanship award.

There were five more Safeway Championship appearances after 1997 before Vic played in both men’s and senior’s in 2008 and won the Manitoba Senior Men’s title with Doug Harrison, Chris Neufeld and Doug Holmes.

His final two appearances at the Safeway Championship came in 2010 and 2011 when he called the game and threw third stones for his son Daley. In 2011, he was named the Manitoba championship all-star third.

Peters, Vic

Inducted 2022

Vic Peters

Purdy, Karen
Inducted 2022

Karen Purdy

Karen Purdy has a very prominent name in the Manitoba Junior Women’s, Women’s and Mixed record books between 1986 and 1997. In that short period, she appeared in eleven provincial championships and won five of them along with winning a Canada Games gold medal.

In 1986, Purdy skipped her team (Jennifer Lamont, Janine Sigurdson, Jill Ursel) to the provincial Junior Women’s final before losing to top seed Janet Harvey. A year later, they returned to the provincial final and this time defeated Cathy Overton to win the championship. At the national championship in Prince Albert, SK they posted a 9W – 3L record to finish in second place before travelling direct to Nova Scotia where they won the Canada Games gold medal.

Between 1989 and 1995, Purdy played in six Manitoba Scott Tournaments of Hearts, winning the championship in 1989, at third for Chris More, and in 1994 and 1995 at third for Connie Laliberte. In 1992, she also reached the Manitoba final skipping her own team but lost that final game to Laliberte.

At the national championships, the 1989 and 1994 teams both lost the final. In 1995, an injury forced Purdy out of the line-up and with Cathy Overton-Clapham replacing her; the team went on to win the Canadian title and the silver medal at the Ford Worlds in Brandon.

Purdy’s championship resume is rounded out by a Manitoba Mixed finalist finish in 1992 and championship in 1993, both at third for Dale Duguid.

She was named All-Star third at the 1989 Canadian Scott Tournament of Hearts and at the 1993 Canadian Mixed.

The 1984 Canadian Junior Champion team won, unfortunately for them, in the years before a World Junior Women’s Championship was established – making winning the Canadian title the pinnacle for a Manitoba junior team.

Darcy Kirkness (Robertson), Barb Kirkness (Spencer), Janet Harvey, and Barb Fetch (Mehling/Enright) accomplished the feat in 1984, capping a three year run in which they were a powerhouse team in Manitoba junior women’s curling. The team was coached by Jim Kirkness.

In 1982, the team from Assiniboine Memorial lost the final of the Provincial Junior Women’s Championship to Maureen Bonar.

In 1983, after winning the Manitoba junior women’s bonspiel championship by capturing the main Tundra Event title, they won the “A” Side of the provincial junior women’s championship. A loss to Laurie Allen in a “B” semi-final set up a re-match final game with Allen again coming away the winner.

Across the 1982 and 1983 championships, Team Kirkness won 11 games and lost only four but had only two finalist finishes to show for it. In 1984, their final year together, they made the jump to the top of the heap.

Once again they won the junior bonspiel’s Tundra main event in preparation for the provincials. This time they reached the pinnacle by winning the Manitoba championship with a 7W – 1L record,

The single loss at the provincials was a “B” final loss to Faye Irwin but this time they bounced back for a victory as they achieved the goal of advancing to the Canadian championship in Fort St. John, British Columbia.

In their final major competition together, the team posted a 9W – 2L record to win their Canadian championship. Janet Harvey was named all-star second at the national championship.

All four members of the team have previously been inducted into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame as individuals: Janet (2008), sisters Darcy and Barb (2009), and the second Barb in 2010. Coach Jim was inducted in 2018 with the Tanasichuk Canadian Mixed Champion team.

Kirkness – 1984 Canadian Junior Champion TEAM
Inducted 2022

(l-r) Darcy Kirkness, Barb Kirkness, Janet Harvey, Barb Fetch

Stoughton – 2011 World Champion TEAM
Inducted 2022

(l-r) Jeff Stoughton, Jon Mead, Reid Carruthers, Steve Gould, Garth Smith, Norm Gould

The 2011 World Champion team came was a brand new team line-up for Jeff Stoughton. As 2009 and 2010 Manitoba champion, he had an automatic entry into the provincial championship in 2011. The change of lineup came at the cost of losing that invitation but paid off.

That year, Stoughton and lead Steve Gould lined up with third Jon Mead and Reid Carruthers and had to try to qualify for the Safeway Championship.

Unable to enter Winnipeg zones, due to a commitment to a Grand Slam event, the new team had to take their chances on one of the early, and unpredictable, berth bonspiels. They went undefeated through the Southern Berth ‘Spiel, beating Dean Dunstone 6-2 in the final to qualify for the provincial championship.

The new Stoughton line-up had a good year after winning that berth bonspiel to qualify. They were finalists at Portage, winners at Stonewall (without Stoughton), reached the playoffs at the Canada Cup, lost the final of the first two Grand Slams, and lost a semi-final at the third Grand Slam. That record of success earned them the #2 seed at provincials, behind Mike McEwen’s foursome.

An undefeated 7W – 0L record in the Safeway Championship in Beausejour, started them on the path to a world championship, losing only three games along the way. Team Stoughton defeated Mike McEwen 5-4 in the provincial final game and both Steve Gould and Reid Carruthers were named championship all-stars.

At the Tim Hortons Brier, the Stoughton foursome’s 11W – 2L record was capped by playoff wins over Brad Gushue, an extra end 7-6 win in the Page 1-2 game, and 8-6 over Glenn Howard in the final. Stoughton was named the Brier’s second team All-Star Skip.

A 12W – 1L record at the Ford Worlds included a pair of playoff victories over Scotland’s Tom Brewster. Team Stoughton won their Page 1-2 playoff game 5-2 and won the final over the same team 6-5.

During the Canadian and World Championships, and at various times during the season, the team was supported by Coach Norm Gould and Fifth Garth Smith.

The 2011 World Champions returned to the 2012 Safeway Championship where they advanced to the Page Playoff round but lost the Page 3-4 game to eventual champion Rob Fowler, ending their successful two-year run.

Three of the team members have previous Hall of Fame inductions for their individual accomplishments; Jeff in 1998, Jon in 2008, and Steve in 2014.

The same three have team inductions as well: Jon with the 1986 Canadian Junior Champion team (2017) and with Jeff and their 1999 world silver medalist team (2010), Steve with Jeff and the 1996 world champion team (2002), and Jeff with his Canadian Mixed Champion teams (2000).

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