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Board of Directors

The Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum includes up to 11 volunteers, ten from the broad curling community and one appointed by CurlManitoba.

The 2021-22 Board volunteers are:

Peter Nicholls (President) – Hall of Fame inductee 2018
Resby Coutts (Vice President) – Hall of Fame inductee 2020
Sharon Thiesen-Woods (Treasurer)
Jamie Snydal  (Secretary)
Heather Helston (Curator) – Hall of Fame inductee 2012
Bill Biehl (Past President)
Carlene Strand – Hall of Fame inductee 2001
Kyle Doering
Kim Barentz
Lynn Fallis-Kurz – Hall of Fame inductee 2007, 2019
Lance Wadelius

Mission, Vision & Governance

The Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum was established in 1987 to ….. procure, preserve and promote the rich history of curling in Manitoba and to honour the outstanding accomplishments of curlers, builders, curler/builders and teams.

For a copy of our by-laws CLICK HERE.

The Manitoba Curling Museum collection includes an estimated 40,000 artifacts, documents and historical images and is considered one of the most extensive curling collections in the world. Since the first induction ceremony in 1987, the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame has honoured 53 of the great teams in Manitoba curling history along with 63 individual curlers, 44 builders of our sport, and 20 individuals whose credentials have been equally impressive both as competitors and as builders.

There is currently no physical museum location. However, we have small exhibits in a number of curling clubs and stage special displays at major events when there is an opportunity.

Contact Us

Formally, the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum is a free-standing incorporated entity of which CurlManitoba in the ONLY member. Informally, CurlManitoba is a valued supporter and partner in our efforts to celebrate Manitoba’s curling history.

You may contact us:

Email: mbcurlmuseum@gmail.com

Mail or in-person:
145 Pacific Avenue (Rm 309)
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6  

Telephone: (204) 925-5723
Fax: (204) 925-5720

Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum

We are volunteer driven not-for-profit organization dedicated to celebrating the sport and telling the stories of curling in Manitoba.

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